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Michael has proved to be a dynamic and impactful presenter on such topics as current trends in human capital, developing exemplary performance, competency model development, measuring ROI, and a variety of other HR, OD, and training related topics. He focuses on engaging audiences in discussions and helping them learn methods that are highly meaningful and able to be immediately applied after the event. For example, as the keynote speaker for the Tour on Talent, he spoke to thousands of professionals on the criticality of developing people and helped them learn to use a tool to diagnose development opportunities.

Why People Do What They Do (at work)

Imagine what it would be like if everyone performed at the highest level. The value would be tremendous. In this action packed session, participants learn why people perform the way they do and how to determine the right lever to accelerate their development. They leave with a tool to easily grow the performance of everyone on their team by focusing on the right solution rather than just throwing everyone in training, blaming the person, or just hoping things will improve.

Creating Engaging Cultures

How many times in the past week have you hopped out of bed excited about getting to work? How about the past month? Unfortunately, this doesn't often happen. In this active session, you will learn what makes a great culture, who primarily drives the culture, and the steps you can take to create a great culture. You’ll walk away with a tool you can use to immediately start to transform your culture and become the best place to work.

Growing Your Greatness


Focusing on changing your weaknesses has been proven to lead to lackluster results. It takes a lot of time, the change often isn’t sustained, and the efforts aren’t worth the work. Focusing on expanding an area of strength results in faster and more sustained gains. In this session, you will learn how to use a four-step process to improve in the area that means the most to you. You will learn how to identify your strengths, create a plan to grow, and constantly improve to ultimately set yourself apart as the expert at something you love.

Measuring the Impact of People

There are a lot of people processes in an organization (31 in my framework). Each process has multiple parts and each part could be measured in a number of ways. In this engaging session, we will go over the typical measures organizations track, learn a process for determining what we should be measuring, and discuss how to get leaders involved.

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