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Michael has a passion for creating exemplary work cultures. He focuses on transforming the organization and the people practices to create an exemplary employee experie. This includes human capital strategy, culture design, coaching, leadership development, human capital metrics, performance improvement, and speaking. Michael’s firm has advised hundreds of organizations often realizing results within the first weeks. Contact Michael for more information and a discussion of specific examples and impact.

I have been using Michael as a consultant in my new role as a Global VP of HR. He has ability to drive the strategic plans of a business while also ensuring tactical things aren't overlooked. Having his perspective on creating the HR strategy and help in creating a 5 year roadmap allowed HR to have a seat at the executive table. Prior to this, the value of HR was undervalued. Now they see how and where we add value. His ability to link business drivers to HR initiatives was evident with the work he has done for us. I look forward to continuing this partnership into the future.

Alicia Goodman, Global VP of Human Resources, Alvogen

Pine Brooke, NJ

Michael is a solid contributor to the training space. He is likable and delivers what he says he is going to do. I do have have experience with him as an operator. I did enjoy my working relationship with him and believe he will add value to any team he works with.

Douglas Wilson, Executive Fellow at Center for Higher Ambition Leadership

Laguna Beach, CA

Micheal's presentation of "Developing Exemplary Performance" at the 2009 ASTD-TCC Regional Conference in St. Paul, MN, was excellent. He is an engaging speaker, and attendees at his workshop appreciated his interactive and personable style

Sharon Leah, Learning and Instructional Design Consultant

Minneapolis, MN

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