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Michael has a passion for helping people become great at what they do. To help people leverage and grow their strengths, Michael offers individual and group coaching. These solutions help people grow in areas that matter to them and their career. Michael has developed a proven process for identifying, developing, and leveraging strengths. He has decades of experience working with people one-on-one as well as within corporate teams.


To learn more about his approach, schedule a free introductory session to talk with him or read about it in his book, "Developing Exemplary Performance One Person at a Time". A sample of his publications are below and on the Resources page.

Developing Exemplary Performance One Person at a Time

Michael rejects the notion that one solution fits all as he focuses on matching the right solution to a given performance opportunity. Building on the foremost thinking in performance improvement and strength development, he presents his Seven Factors modelis, with suggested techniques for actively engaging employees in this well-planned performance development process. More than just techniques, he helps leaders with a process to use this model and continually coach each person toward exemplary performance.


ReWork is the blog for Cornerstone OnDemand. Cornerstone is a software complany that helps organizations to recruit, train and manage their people. Michael publishes articles every other month on human capital topics relevant to the profession.

Additional Writings

On occassion, Michael will post articles on Linkedin and his own blog. These usually occur when a client requests a short article to post, a colleague would like to republish content to their newsletter, or Michael recognizes a topic as particularly relevant.

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Michael's book is available here, at and the ATD Store. Please contact him for discounts when purchasing multiple copies. Also, you can read his contributions to ReWork, Linkedin, and his blog.

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