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Michael has focused on a singular purpose his entire career - to help organizatoins become great places to work. To accomplish this, he has become an expert on the people side of business. In his work, he focuses on three areas: People & Culture Strategy, Leadership Practices & Development, and Team & Individual Coaching. To learn more, book time with him below.


Whether it's one area of the people side of business or strategically transforming all areas, Michael has experience helping organizations develop world class processes. He leverages a proprietary framework containing proven best practices for 31 areas of People & Culture. Once the master strategy is created, he helps you determin the transformation path and how to execute the change plan.


Organizations go the way of their leaders. People learn how to act, what's expected of them, and what's rewarded based on the role modeling by leaders. Michael has decades of experience identifying leadership competencies and growing leadership capabilities. Further, he is an expert and helping people at all levels gain exemplary performance through continual coaching and blended approaches to learning.  He is at the forefront of emerging trends in alternate learning modalities and has created a blended learning experience to develop leaders ability to coach people and gain a team of exemplary performers.


Gaining the highest level of performance from individuals and teams is a continuous process and one that pays great dividends. Having coached developed his own coaching model, Michael has the foundation and ability to elevate the performance of anyone. For example, he has had 23 coaching assignments in his career and every person coached has been promoted within six months of coaching.

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