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Whether you want to change one  practice or strategically design the people function, Michael is the go-to expert. With three decades of experience, there is nothing on the people side of business he hasn't done. Add to that his quick grasp of a  business and the ability to transform an organizations identity and strategy and you will see how he consistently achieves amazing results.


Michael has proved to be a dynamic and impactful presenter on topics such as current trends in human capital, developing exemplary performance, competency model development, measuring ROI, and a variety of other HR, OD, and training related topics. Each talk is tailored to the specific needs of the organization and the actionable results the audience seeks.


Michael has a passion for helping people become great at what they do and knows that one-on-one assistance leads to the most lasting outcomes. Through coaching, Michael helps develop people in areas that matter to them. He has consistently gotten results. In fact, 92% of people he has coached were promoted within six months of completing his program.

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Michael is an internationally known advisor, speaker, and author on human capital, culture, and performance. His work focuses on transforming the culture and the people practices of organizations to create an exemplary experience and world-class performance. This includes human capital strategy, culture design, coaching, leadership development, performance improvement, and speaking. Michael has advised hundreds of organizations often realizing results within the first weeks. For example, one company realized a 27% increase in sales within the first six week of their project.

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